Notes on the Forth-200x interim Meeting 2022-02-18T14:00Z


Review of Procedures

What is the recommended way the committee communicates?

After the end of the Yahoo Mailinglists, there is a forth-standard mailing list at forth-ev. For contacting Committee members, use the channel Standard in Mattermost.

Review of new Proposals (since the September’21 meeting)

Better wording for “Glossary notation” (ruv)

Leave it open until ruv and the editor is here (Reply)

Better wording for “data field” term (ruv)

Discussion of the purpose and normativeness of 2.1 Definition of terms

Discussion of CREATE (Reply)

Specify that 0 THROW pops the 0 (Anton Ertl)

More explicit discussion of 0 (Revised Proposal)

Tick and undefined execution semantics - 2 (Stephen Pelc)

Write up a proposal (Action: AE)

Review of other Contributions (since the September’21 meeting)

Forth Programmer’s Handbook (core, Sq #219)

Close (Reply)

Implement with ROT (core, TwoSWAP #218)

This is the one we want to put in the document (Reply)

New Line characters in a string passed to EVALUATE (core, EVALUATE #217)

Discussion pointing out three possible solutions (Reply)

Some clarifications (file, READ-LINE #216)

Leave it open until the next meeting (no action)

Any other business

If you want to hash out something, you can use Mattermost (if you feel that is too formal).

Date of next meeting (5 min)

September 14-16, 2022, online or in Rome

Workshop (Forth Modification Lab) (open end)