Agenda Forth-200x interim Meeting 2023-02-17T15:00Z


Review of Procedures

Status of CfV voting? Not yet complete.

Review of new Proposals and Contributions

(since the September’22 meeting, 2022-09-14/15)

[250] Formatting: spaces in data type symbols (formatting-spaces-in-data-type-symbols #250)

Leave it to the discretion of the editors (Action: AE, ruv)

[283] Input source after THROW (exception, THROW #283)

There should be a specification of an input stack that is also restored by THROW. Fixing this is future work. (reply by AE)

[282] Is data stack required? (core, SAVE-INPUT #282)

Recommend not to implement it (reply by AE)

[281] Bad Stack Notation? (tools, NtoR #281)

Table this until the next meeting.

[280] Possible Test Case (block, LOAD #280)

Actually run it and then respond (Action: UH)

[279] “… the remainder of the current line.”? (block, bs #279)

The remainder of the line is determined by character count, not contents (Done: UH)

[278] Possible Reference Implementation (block, THRU #278)

Actually run it and then respond (Action: UH)

[277] Example implementation for PICK (core, PICK #277)

Fix the stack picture (Done: ruv)

Then accept (Action: AE)

No common practice for stick

[276] Example implementation for ROLL (core, ROLL #276)

Fix the stack picture (Done: ruv)

Then accept (Action: AE)

[275] About behavior or RESTORE-INPUT (core, RESTORE-INPUT #275)

prepare a proposal to destandardize SAVE-INPUT and RESTORE-INPUT (Done: ruv)

[274] Address of the input buffer after RESTORE-INPUT (core, RESTORE-INPUT #274)

If we fail to de-standardize SAVE-INPUT RESTORE-INPUT, we need to look at this issue again.

[273] (core, d #273)

Actually run it and then respond (reply by AE)

Still needs to be added to the document (Action: AE)

[272] Relax documentation requirements of Ambiguous Conditions (relax-documentation-requirements-of-ambiguous-conditions #272)

Proceed to CfV (Reply by AE)

[271] (doc #271)

Close, and ask contributors to the discussion to do separate topics if they need the stuff to be open. (Reply by AE)

[270] Describe Compile time and Run time behavior (core, CHAR #270)


Any other business (20 min)

A Forth 2022/2023 snapshot?

Will be done when the editors find the time.

Supported by Leon Wagner

Discussion about website that supports multiple versions.

Date of next meeting (5 min)

Standard meeting 2023-09-13 .. 2023-09-15 in Rome.

Workshop (Forth Modification Lab) (open end)

What are current Forth community topics

We immediately went for:

Memory operators 8, 16, 32, 64 bits - signed/unsigned

Action: BP


Do we add things to the standard that are common practice but maybe not desired practice?

Put common but undesired words in Attic or (to be last in the list of wordsets) Zattic.