Forth-200x interim Meeting 2024-02-16T15:00Z

Welcome / Participants

Agreement on the agenda

Do we have any additional points to discuss?

Review of Procedures

Review of new Proposals (since the September’23 meeting in Rome, 2023-09-13/14/15)

[314] Appendix F doesn’t cater for strings. (appendix-f-doesn-t-cater-for-strings- #314)

2023-11-12 13:26:28 - albert

Ask him to volunteer tests (Action: UH)

[313] String store and fetch (string-store-and-fetch #313)

2023-11-12 13:12:55 - albert

Write an answer containing the criticisms (in particular, buffer overflow safety). If he wants to go on with a proposal, it needs to be more in standard terminology and with standard stack effect comments. Alternatively, add a package to (Action: UH)

[311] New words: latest-name and latest-name-in (new-words-latest-name-and-latest-name-in #311)

2023-10-23 01:13:22 - ruv

Discussion. Do we need LATEST-NAME-IN? Make it formal. (Action: ruv)

[307] Fix stack comments for N>R and NR> (fix-stack-comments-for-n-r-and-nr- #307)

2023-09-13 12:09:40 - LeonWagner

Fix the n that’s there (should be +n), then make it formal (Done: AE)

Review of new Contributions (since the September’23 meeting in Rome, 2023-09-13/14/15)

[317] CfVs after committee decision (#317)

2023-12-02 10:43:31 - AntonErtl

Do an issue on github (Done: AE)

[316] Proposals and the document (#316)

2023-12-01 18:08:40 - AntonErtl

Do an issue on github (Done: AE)

[315] WORD and the text interpreter (core, WORD #315)

2023-11-27 18:02:20 - AntonErtl

Discussion does not indicate a preference for changing the standard.

Still, Ruvim wants to do a proposal. (Action: ruv)

Alternatively, make WORD obsolescent. (Action: SP)

[312] TRAVERSE-WORDLIST must not expose the current definition (tools, TRAVERSE-WORDLIST #312)

2023-10-23 10:04:08 - ruv

Acceptingly close it. Write an issue on github to allow that workflow. (Action: ruv).

[310] Why do we use +n and not u in the stack diagram for n>r and nr> (fix-stack-comments-for-n-r-and-nr- #310)

2023-09-23 01:06:43 - ruv

Look at +n vs. u in other words. (Action: ruv)

[309] A better approach for SYNONYM wording (tighten-the-specification-of-synonym-version-1- #309)

2023-09-22 17:06:27 - ruv

Make another proposal based on discussions about this proposal (Action: ruv)

How do we proceed with the standardization effort?

Date of next meeting (5 min)EuroForth-2024?

Another Interim Meeting on 2024-05-24T14:00Z

On that meeting, start contributions with contribution 318 (contributions also include proposals).

Euroforth ideally September 27-29 (Forth200x Sep 25-27)


Dealing with small changes in the document